Exeter, Devon,  

Sketch Books

All of my paintings begin with sketch book drawings made on the spot using various media: graphite, ink, watercolours, acrylics, crayons, charcoal, etc.). The drawings record my responses to the landscape, the weather, the atmosphere and the mood. These aspects of the landscape are my real subjects. I experiment with various constraints in making these drawings in order to take risks and to discover something new and exciting. Most of the drawings are done in less than 20 minutes and some in as little as 60 seconds or so. Later, I select some of the drawings and make full scale tonal drawings in charcoal before I begin to paint. The sketch books are my main resource for future paintings. I do not paint from photographs.

no 1  Exeter no 2  Near Thorveton no 3  Sidmouth, snowy night no 4 Belle Isle no 5  Belle Isle no 6  River Exe no 7  River Exe no 8  River Lyd no 9  Sidmouth no 10  Dartmoor no 11  Exeter Quay no 12  Exeter Cathedral Green no 13  Above Solva, Pembs. no 14  After Guardi no 15  After Guardi, 60 seconds no 16  After Guardi, 60 seconds no 17  St James's Halt, Exeter no 18  Grand Canal, Venice, 60 seconds no 19  Venice, 60 seconds no 20  Venice, 2 minutes no 21  Woodbury Castle no 22  Exeter Cathedral no 23  Dartmoor no 24 Dartmoor no 25  Fingle Bridge no 26 River Exe Estuary no 27 Near the source of the Wesr Dart River no 28 Dartmoor no 29 River Exe Estuary no 30 sea nocturne no 31 Dartmoor no 32 Dartmoor no 33  Dartmoor no 34 Dartmoor lightbox gallery image size by VisualLightBox.com v6.0m